The Liora Team
Michelle French
CEO & Founder
Animals who impacted my life. 


Michelle French has had a symbiotic relationship with animals her entire life.  From show dogs to show horses, their strength and steadfast generosity of spirit buoyed her through difficult times in her youth, and engendered in her a generous, and determined spirit of gratitude that has expressed itself in the animal industry. Michelle has been a successful serial advocate and entrepreneur for the past 30 years, establishing and exiting companies that have aligned with her love and respect for animals.

StoneWall (1989-2008)  was dedicated to the safe and responsible acquisition, breeding, global import, export, and training of the Japanese Tosa dog. Michelle and StoneWall laid the foundation for what is today the rare and valuable population/bloodline of Tosa outside Japan. Through her work at Stonewall, Michelle honed her instincts at identifying and exploring a unique niche market, and in the doing established networks, structures, and processes for import/export of veterinary products in countries around the world, particularly Asia and South America.  

Animal Element, Inc. (AE) (2008-2018)  is an animal nutritional supplement company that Michelle founded, managed, and developed product formulations that were specially designed for the animal industry.  Animal Element’s products include numerous nutritional supplements for equine, livestock, birds, and companion animals like dogs and cats. Although much of the nutritional supplement industry is unregulated, Michelle distinguished the quality, safety, and consistency of the Animal Element products by voluntary registration and compliance with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) standards. Using retail and wholesale e-commerce, she managed 100 + wholesale account dealers, created corporate SOP for operational and manufacturing implementation, and trained her teams in manufacturing, shipping logistics, and inventory control. Additionally, she directed the implementation of the back-end software system to integrate management, inventory, finance, manufacturing, and shipping logistics into the platform. Michelle’s diligence and attention to detail paid off as she assumed the role of CEO in 2015 increasing overall sales dramatically by over 300 percent.  She sold the company in late 2018.  

Liora, LLC. (2018-present)

Michelle’s third animal health company lasers in on the significant unmet clinical veterinary needs in the traumatic tissue injury and repair market.  Michelle founded Liora based on an exclusive license for the variant NELL1 (NV1) tissue regeneration technology developed by NellOne Therapeutics, INC. “Designed to Heal” co-authored and inventor of NV1 by Dr. Cymbeline Culiat. 

 Michelle has a clear understanding that Liora will be her most challenging effort to date due to the well-documented lengthy timelines, high capital needs, and stringent regulatory control for biotech companies. But armed with three decades of success in the veterinary space, great passion, and diverse business skills, Michelle feels strongly that she has the know-how to develop and brand for Liora, the highest quality patented products for the veterinary and animal industries, and the gratefully innovative spirit to market them globally.  



Ms. French received:  

>  2016     Rising Star award by the SBDC (Small Business Development Centers)  

>  2017      Small Business Exporter of the year award from the SBA (Small Business Administration) of the state of Tennessee