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Liora Biologics holds the exclusive license to the NELL1 variant,  NELL1 is an extracellular signaling protein expressed in embryological and early neonatal development. This protein can potentially return damaged tissue, bone, and possibly tendons to their original form and function. While healing, NELL1 can signal the body to control inflammation in the disrupted area. 

Injecting the NELL1 protein into damaged tendons may provide a broadly effective process to directly regulate tendons' development, structure, function, repair, and regeneration.



NV1 reduced the concentrations of key pro-inflammatory molecules (e.g., IL1-β, 1L8)

Blood Vessel

Induced migration of endothelial cells, therefore, inducing vascularization of the region 


Known gene and signaling proteins in NV1: Tenascin C, Collagen V, Bmp7, Osteoblast Specific Factor 2, Lubricin

Stem Cell


Migration of mesenchymal stem cells by two- to three-fold, speeding the healing of the tissue

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Liora is a biopharmaceutical company that will shift the paradigm of tissue healing after an acute injury.
From Injury to complete regeneration of form and function.